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Treatment of bony mallet finger using modified pull-out wire suture technique
Cheon S.-J., Lim J.-M., Cha S.-H. (South Korea)

Purpose: To report the new surgical treatment of bony mallet finger deformity using modified pull-out suture technique and evaluation of functional outcome, subjective patient satisfaction and radiographic findings.

Materials and Methods: Sixteen bony mallet fingers treated by modified pull-out wire suture technique were included in this study. Mallet fractures were classified by the Wehbe and Schneider method; 6 Type IB, 8 Type IIB, 1 Type IIC and 1 Type IIIB. The assessment consists of clinical symptoms, active range of motion of the distal interphalangeal joint, patient satisfaction, bony healing using radiographs of distal interphalangeal joint and complications. Objective results and subjective patients satisfaction were evaluated by the Crawford system and the visual analog scale(VAS), respectively.

Results: As to objective results, six were graded as excellent and eight had good results and two had fair results. Subjectively five were excellent, ten were good and one was fair. Radiographs obtained at follow-up showed bone union in all cases. Slight degenerative changes occurred in three cases, an intra-articular step off of less than 1mm was present in two cases. One patient was reoperated because of wire cut-out, but the objective result was good. A minimal ridging of nail occurred in two cases but other complications were not observed.

Conclusion: Modified pull-out wire suture technique is considered useful procedure in bony mallet finger because it can achieve not only anatomical reduction and solid fixation but also rapid fracture union and excellent range of motion with relatively low complication rates.

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